Luvli condoms Clinical Studies meeting @ MatCH Research, University of Witwatersrand, Durban, South Africa - left to right: Dr Mags Beksinska - Frank Sadlo - Clive Kohrs - Professor Jenni Smit - Jud Ireland


a Luvli day






GummiWerks in action:

ongoing refinement of next-gen condom: Luvli ™ is featured in the movie The Safer Sex, an Australian-produced documentary inspired by the Gates Foundation Next Generation Condom challenge:

originally broadcast in Canada in March 2018 by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), as part of The Passionate Eye TV series:

movie trailer (1 1/2 minutes): The Safer Sex - Go bold or stay home

full movie (44 minutes): The Passionate Eye: The Safer Sex


... the Luvli link to the right is to the Screen Australia movie info >>>

business contact info & additional info on the technology & innovation of Luvli ™ is at our company website:  GummiWerks

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